About Us

Specialty Lighting, established in 1993, is a vertically integrated architectural lighting manufacturer in Ocean, NJ.  We invent, design, manufacture and create innovative lighting solutions to enhance the lit environment, while remaining steadfast in the sustainability effort.  We have vast capabilities to customize our products to meet the challenging needs of architecture while capturing the vision of the lighting designer.

We are an independent family-owned company, supported by a team of committed and enthusiastic professionals.  We support every project from design through completion.

THe Salomon Family:  Ben, David and Awi

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Engineering with pencils to paper.

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From East to West, our lighting spans across oceans to provide lighting for all 

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SLI's Commitment to Lighting Pros

Specialty Lighting is a member of the Lighting Industry Resource Council (LIRC), the industry arm of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD). We support the LIRC as it shapes the lighting design industry, while providing a framework within the IALD for enhanced communication between professional lighting designers and manufacturers. Together, we encourage the collaborative improvement across the industry of products, services, business practices and lighting design education.

We believe a strong lighting design trade organization enables the growth of the lighting design industry. Specialty Lighting is committed to assisting the expansion of the lighting design craft through the efforts of the IALD.

For more information please visit, www.iald.org

Founding member of AAiLA

Collaboration | Community | Continuous Development

AAiLA is a collaborative industry forum that aims to strengthen the capabilities and professionalism of independent lighting agents while also enhancing their connectivity to lighting and controls manufacturers. Founded in 2021, AAiLA is a 501c6 member led professional organization. Specialty Lighting Industries is a founding member of AAiLA.

DLFNY Corporate Sponsor

The DLFNY is part of a valuable network of lighting organizations, professional associations, educational institutions, and more. Specialty Lighting Industries is proud to be a corporate sponsor and a member of DLFNY's manufacturing community.

Specialty Lighting is at once minimal and magical

Specialty Lighting Industries manufactures high-end lighting solutions for the world's most demanding clients. Our custom Supertex lenses are heat-resistant and water-clear, bathing your room in full and even sheets of light, free from any brightness or glare. All of our fixtures are flawlessly finished and minimalist in design; they blend in so that everything else stands out.

We're found anywhere good light matters: in ballrooms and boardrooms, Harrah's or Hermes, from Ferragamo to the Frick. We create an environment that complements your space and completes your room.

Since its inception, Specialty Lighting Industries has provided innovative lighting solutions for leading hotels, corporations, retail shops, private residences, galleries, museums and more.