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1 Vanderbilt, New York City

One Vanderbilt is sited adjacent to one of New York’s most loved landmarks – Grand Central Terminal. As midtown’s tallest building, it spirals and tapers to a height of 1,400 feet, housing 1.75 million square feet of space. One Vanderbilt’s use of terracotta ceilings and soffits is a hat tip to the golden age of New York’s early towers, and a nod to the terra cotta vaults and spandrels of Grand Central. Lighting Designers, Tillotson Design Associates specified our diminutive, yet powerful Vardi fixtures to provide the lobby’s downlighting and accent lighting for the sculptures that adorn the space. These fixtures seamlessly integrate within the narrow reveals created between the reddish, linear terra cotta vaults that define the unique ceilings and soffits that welcome tenants and visitors to the building. We are proud to have contributed to such an ambitious project.

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Specialty Lighting understands the Designers need for accuracy in Photometry. Our goal is to provide enough photometric information on our digital datasheet sheets to allow a solid understanding of delivered lumens, beam distribution and color characteristics for an accurate specification. The photometry tab on the product page has easy to find IES files with corresponding link to the full photometric report. Click here to select a sample PDF.

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