Core 4" Round Dual Head Adjustable Downlight

Formerly known as 1000M-2, 1001M-2 and 1016M-2

aperture options

Dual Head Deep Regress


Dual Head Open Regress


Dual Head Flat (Pin Hole)


Dual Head Wood


The Core Family

Welcome to the Core line of fixtures. The family is filled with a rich diversity of options while keeping classic forms. This family member features two adjustable heads deployed within a single round optical aperture of your choosing. The unique configuration allows down and accent lighting with 360° rotation and 45° tilt within a single ceiling element. With multiple source, driver, control, mounting and finish options, including wood trim, you should find the option you are looking for. If not, let us know the modification you need, we usually say YES. You have found the Round Dual Head Adjustable Downlight and hope you enjoy the details.

key points

lumens range: 622-1267Lm
trim options: Flanged Trim, Flangeless Trim, Flanged Shower Trim, Flangeless Shower Trim
beam options: 15°, 24°, 40°, 55°
light options: CRI - 90, 95, R9 - 60, 90,
source options: 15W, Citizen, Ambient Dim, Ink
control options: 0-10, DALI, Forward Phase, Digital Ecosystem, Wireless BLE, ELV/Triac