Our promise to the lighting industry is simple:

At Specialty Lighting you will find professionals who are passionate about creating FLAWLESS lighting solutions. This cornerstone concept – flawless – describes our aspiration for every aspect of doing business with us.


Above all, designers love us because we work tirelessly to maximize the aesthetic impact and value of their visions.




Lighting designers

Lighting designers love us for the freedom we provide. The freedom to challenge us to invent a solution when other providers have said it's impossible. The freedom that flows from a deep respect for the design process, combined with a friendly and collaborative spirit.

At Specialty Lighting, we are constantly creating and manufacturing customized lighting solutions of the highest caliber. Many of the most celebrated designers in the world trust our know-how and rely on our deep experience to create truly one-of-a-kind installations.

Why Choose Specialty Lighting

Trust, confidence, and the inspiration that comes from collaborating with professionals who combine the latest lighting technology, with a timeless commitment to craftsmanship. Both lighting designers and architects are energized by our ability to add both exquisite aesthetics and highly functional value to the lighting design process.


Breadth and depth of product selection, just the right solid state light engines for each application, clever engineering solutions and reliable manufacturing all contribute to our aspiration of FLAWLESS. A collaborative approach to realizing and surpassing the original vision for every project. Architects choose SLI for all of these reasons and more.

Most of all, the best choose Speciaty Lighting because we are fearless in our imagination and inventiveness. Whatever the vision, whatever the dream, we can make it a reality.