Yashar Mains Mosaic Head - Medium

aperture options

Mains Track Head


The Yashar Family

Welcome to the Yashar Mains Mosaic Medium track accent light, available in 120 volts. The yoke mounted Mosaic Medium heads feature integral drivers mounted in the track adaptor. Available driver types include 0-10 volt, DALI and phase dimming options. A higher flux version is available in the Yashar Mains Mosaic Large Head. You have found the Yashar Mains Mosaic Medium track head compatible with Yashar Mains Track. We hope that you enjoy the details.

key points

lumens range: 1090-1541Lm
beam options: 16°, 22°, 35°
light options: CRI - 90 R9 - 60
source options: 14W, 20W Citizen
control options: 0-10V, DALI-2, ELV/Triac