Yashar Low Voltage Surface Track

0-10 volt or DALI control

aperture options

Surface LV Track

ST1 Profile

Surface LV Track

ST2 Profile

Surface LV Track

ST6 Profile

The Yashar Family

Welcome to the Yashar Family of track and track accent lights. The surface mounted Yashar Low Voltage 48 volt track is field cuttable and available in white or black painted finishes. This low profile track is single circuit with DALI control options for multi-zone configurations or 0-10V control for single zone dimming. The remote power supplies are available in a several wattages and can be powered at 120 or 277 volts. The Yashar Low Voltage version of track is also available for recessed and pendant applications. In addition to the low voltage version, Yashsar Mains offers a 120/277 volt track solution with their own compatible track heads. You have found the Yashar Low Voltage Surface Mounted track. We hope that you enjoy the details.