Slice 2" Continuous linear surface/pendant combination downlight

aperture options

Combo Surface

CBSF-SM Configurable Surface Lensed Multi Cell Downlight

Combo Pendant

CBSF-CBM Configurable Pendant Lensed Multi Cell Downlight

The Slice Family

The Slice Combo pairs a diffuse general source with a punchy, directional downlight in a single fixture. As part of the Slice family, it is offered in linear 1” and 2” wide profiles in recessed, surface and pendant options. This surface mounted/pendant combines the Multicell and Lensed fixtures to allow an almost infinite number of design options. We have defined a series of standard offerings within this datasheet, but expect that you will want to modify the configurations for your project needs. Please take heed of the design criteria for minimum sizes. For more detail on the lens or multicell sections please refer to the datasheets (SL2DC-LRC or SL2DC-MCRC). The Slice Combo can be used to illuminate your space with precision.

key points

lumens range: 634-1126Lm
beam options: 15°, 30°, 45°, CST°
light options: CRI - 90 R9 - 50
source options: 8W/ft, 16W/ft, 5W/ft, 10W/ft Multicell, Lens
control options: 0-10, DALI-2