Scope Wonder 3" Wall Wash - Round

aperture options

Wall Wash


Scope Wonder

This is simply a kick ass wall washer. With a 3” aperture sitting completely recessed, this baby pushes the light all the way to the top of the wall. Providing a 2:1 vertical illumination ratio from top to bottom on a 10’ wall, we challenge you to find anything better. The Scope W 3” wall wash is part of larger Scope Wonder downlight collection providing an incredibly wide selection of finishes, mounting options, sources and technology including the release of our INK tunable white source in 2 dynamic ranges. Continue to scope out this product line for new cool offerings.

key points

lumens range: 52-1072Lm
trim options: Flanged Trim, Flangeless Trim
beam options: WW°
light options: CRI - 90, 95 R9 - 60, 90, 70
source options: 15W, 21W, 10W Citizen, Ambient Dim, Ink
control options: Phase or 0-10, 0-10, DALI, Forward Phase, 3 Wire or Ecosystem, Digital Ecosystem, Digital, Wireless BLE