Scope VanDer 2" Multi Head Monopoint

Formerly known as 9005

aperture options

VanDer 2 Head


VanDer 4 head


Scope VanDer

The Scope VanDer collection was developed from a project need for 1 Vanderbilt Avenue in NYC. The project required lighting to fit between terracotta barrel vaults in the lobby and public areas. The lights needed to illuminate the space but not compete with the visual statement of the Terracotta vaults. Thus, the VanDer was born. The fixture features 2" diameter monopoints in 2 and 4 head configurations. Each fixture provides more than 700 lumens per head yielding over 2800 lumens in the 4 point configuration. The fixture is used as a straight downlight in the Vanderbilt project but the monopoint architecture allows 360° of rotation and 90° of tilt to put the light where you need. With field changeable optics, each head can be tuned to the desired distribution creating a highly versatile lighting device. The heads are attached to a surface mount bar containing an integral driver allowing for easy access service . You have found the Scope VanDer multi-head monopoint datasheet and hope you enjoy the details.

key points

lumens range: 707-748Lm
beam options: 15°, 30°
light options: CRI - 90 R9 - 60
source options: 9W Citizen
control options: 0-10^, ELV/Triac^

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