Mosaic Linear Indirect Cove

aperture options

Indirect Cove


The Mosaic Family

Welcome to the Mosaic Family of linear configurable concealed track pockets and accent lights. The Mosaic Linear Indirect Cove can provide a soft, diffuse ambient light source for a space. It is more than a line in the ceiling. The illuminated cavity within the Mosaic pocket reveals a volume above the ceiling plane, activating and adding interest to a space. You have found the Mosaic Linear Indirect Cove, for installation in the Mosaic 4" and 6" aperture Mosaic Pocket. We hope that you enjoy the details.

key points

lumens range: 703-1363Lm
light options: CRI - 90 R9 - 50
source options: 5W, 10W
control options: 0-10, DALI-2