InRelief 2" Linear Baffled Wall Grazer

Formerly 811DB and 812 - FH, PH and IH

aperture options

Up-light Baffle


Flush Baffle


Regressed Baffle


The InRelief Family

Welcome to InRelief where wall texture comes to life through shadow and contrast. This 2” (55mm) wall grazing system can be executed as either a downlight or up-light. The continuous system can be specified to custom lengths at 6” increments. Available as a surface or recessed fixture, InRelief has ceiling, wall and floor mounting options. Flush or regressed apertures allow a choice of flange or flangeless in the ceiling applications. The narrow profile fixture is designed for wall heights up to 12 feet (3.5m) to highlight the texture in surfaces such as stucco or brick, illuminate flat surfaces such as venetian plaster, wood, or specular surfaces such as polished stone or stainless steel. You have found the Lensed Recessed Datasheet and hope you enjoy the details.

key points

lumens range: 230-345Lm
trim options: Flanged Trim, Flangeless Trim
beam options: 18x50°
light options: CRI - 90 R9 - 60
source options: 8W/ft, 11W/ft
control options: 0-10, Digital Ecosystem, DALI-2