INK Mosaic Accent Head - Large

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INK Mosaic Head

INK Accent Head

The Mosaic Family

The INK Mosaic Accent Heads are next generation and are solely designed to work with the Mosaic pocket housing. They are the latest addition to the Mosaic Family of linear configurable concealed track pockets and accent lights, featuring Bluetooth controlled variable color tuning and dynamic beam shaping optics designed specifically for the lighting professional. The fixtures are magnetically mounted in the pocket behind the knife edge and are powered by a proprietary 48 volt power supply/driver following DALI-2 protocol. These accent lights can be located anywhere within the pocket and are a powerful new tool in the Mosaic family. They feature an articulating arm with with three pivot points precisely locating the accent lights where needed for focusing. The head can pan and tilt from a single pivot point located at the head, making aiming quick and simple.

key points

lumens range: 650-650Lm
beam options: 10-50°, 30°
light options: CRI - 90 R9 - 70, 60
source options: , 17W Ink