GrazeFall 2" Linear Baffled Wall Grazer - Surface Mount

Formerly 811DB and 812 - SH

aperture options

Flush Baffle


Regressed Baffle


The GrazeFall Family

The GrazeFall family of premier linear wall grazers includes this surface mounted low glare baffle version. This high performance 2" (55mm) fixture is designed to highlight walls up to 15 feet high, featuring materials and revealing textures by contrasting light and shadow. The surface mounted housing can be mounted continuously and built to custom lengths in 6” increments with flush or regressed baffle positions. The narrow profile fixture is ideal suited to highlight the texture in surfaces such as stucco or brick, illuminate flat surfaces such as venetian plaster, wood, or specular surfaces such as polished stone or stainless steel. The 2" GrazeFall family has additional product offerings, including surface mounted lensed fixtures and an array of recessed options.

key points

lumens range: 230-345Lm
beam options: 18x50°
light options: CRI - 90 R9 - 60
source options: 8W/ft, 11W/ft, 18W/ft , Color Tuning
control options: 0-10, Digital Ecosystem, DALI-2, DMX