Core 4" Round Double Wall Wash

Formerly known as 1250WW-2MDL

aperture options

Double Wall Wash


Double Wood Wall Wash


The Core Family

When one wall wash is not enough, you can make it a double. Need more light, or savings on installation costs, this 8" on center dual aperture fixture delivers a rich diversity of technical and aesthetic options including field configurable wall wash orientations for adjacent or opposite walls, over 14 finishes including custom wood trims, flux and source selections featuring 90+ CRI fixed white and our world class Ambient Dim (Warm Dim), a 3.7:1 uniformity ratio from top to bottom of wall and a plethora of driver and control choices. The Core Wall Wash is created on a platform allowing a high degree of modification, so if you don't see what you are looking for, just ask for it.

key points

lumens range: 643-2158Lm
trim options: Flanged Trim, Flangeless Trim, Flanged Shower Trim, Flangeless Shower Trim
beam options: WW°
light options: CRI - 90, 95 R9 - 60, 90, 70
source options: 15W, 21W, 30W, Citizen, Ambient Dim, Ink
control options: 0-10, ELV/Triac, DALI-2, Digital Ecosystem