Core 4" Square Cylinder Wall Wash

Formerly known as 4240

aperture options

Wall Wash


The Core Family

Welcome to the Core surface/pendant mounted square wall wash. With the popularity of open ceilings, we believe a wall wash option is important. Offering 3 different housing lengths, 3 mounting types and 14 paint finish options, the wall wash provides a 3.7:1 illumination ratio from top to bottom of the wall. This fixture deploys the same optical system as the Core recessed wall wash and offers most of the same source and driver options of the other Core fixtures to allow mixing of recessed and surface as necessary.

key points

lumens range: 467-1564Lm
beam options: WW°
light options: CRI - 90, 95 R9 - 60, 90, 70
source options: 14W, 21W, 15W, Citizen, Ambient Dim, Ink
control options: 0-10, DALI-2, Digital Ecosystem, ELV/Triac